Artech Creative Content Management System has been developed over ten years. It has strong functions to manage Webpages content.

Artech Creative’ s Content Management System enables organization to effectively manage their websites with comprehensive content management features, providing a highly customizable and cost effective solutions that suits today' s e-business needs.

We provide the CMS with the following features:

•  Person with no HTML or other computer language could use the system.
•  Present through web interface and accessible at office, home, Starbuck cafe and    anywhere with Internet connection.
•  The web connection is tunneled through 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection to    avoid password tapping and information stealing.

What are manageable through CMS?

•  Menu bar at the front page
•  Unlimited levels of menu items
•  Content pages
  1. Microsoft Word style “What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)” editor – For example, the staff could change font size, color, bold the words, the effect is shown on the screen at once. What shown on the screen is exactly the same as viewed by browser?
  2. Rich effects including font face, font size, foreground color, background color, hyperlink, underline, italic, bold, table and upload of images.
•   Hot News
•   Upcoming Events
•   Press Release
•  Newsletter
•  Rolling Banners
•  Photo Gallery
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