Artech Creative is a Hong Kong based multimedia studio, which is one of the key players in the multimedia industry. Our team has solid experience in multimedia creative process, including website, printing and video.

With our passion and belief in our creative idea & production, we helped our clients to achieve strong market profile and generate sustainable revenue.

Artech Creative is founded by Daniel Shek & Chris Luk in 2002.

Daniel Shek is Creative Director of Artech Creative. He has solid experience in multimedia industry. He started his career in the video & film industry in 80s. He always participated in some key printed media in Hong Kong in 90s. Started from the end of 90s, Daniel forcused his career in the Internet & Interactive Industry. He is one of the early forerunners in the Web business in Hong Kong. He has a undergraduate degree in Communication Studies with forcus in Video and got his MBA in IT.

Chris Luk is Technical Director of Artech Creative. He has strong technical background and participated in many important & chief Web building project. Chris started his Interactive career in game industry. He was one of the early movers of Hong Kong Game Developers & he got his IT degree in Britain.

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